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심장이 빠운쓰x2 뚜군대 ハート! #hearts #조용필 #Bounce (x)


Royal Pirates on FtoF Magazine | Cred: @rie_miel on Twitter

[UPDATE] 140425 K-Poppin - Status: Dropped

It looks like Sooyoon will no longer be on this Friday’s scheduled Ugly Truth segment, as the schedule for this week is now cleared.

ad. I’m not sure if it’s K-Poppin’ as a whole that’s dropped or just the one segment that day, as it seems many other broadcasts are also cancelling to pay respects for the ferry incident.

Update: Just checked, and I believe all K-Poppin’ extra segments that take place in the second hour have been cancelled to pay respects for the Sewol Ferry incident. You can, however, keep sending in messages of support to South Korea via the message boards. -A

Go get it. (x)

I didn’t realize until now that James’ romantic evening run was a video… I’ve linked it on the post. ^^ -Admin A

140418 Kpoppin Ugly Truth with Sooyoon

the royal voyage


140418 Sooyoon’s ending message~

In response to the South Korea ferry incident. (RP)(J)


James and Moon at 2:30 #jelly

There’s Eric Nam as well~

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